Make up Artist School – Curriculum (course of instruction)

1. Term

Atelier 1

curriculum discussion / course schedule
distribution of tools
modelling a skull with pasticine
mould construction
hollow-forming and casting of skull in plaster, latex and foam
painting skull
modelling a subject of one’s own choice (i.e. monster, karikatur, illustration)

casting from a live model and producing a hard plaster bust
body casting with alginate and silicone
painting hard plaster cast with various paints: acrylic, lacquer, metal powder coulours
body casting from own teeth and producing artificial dentures
constructing various types of dentures
constructing vampire teeth
fitting the finished dentures

2. Term

Atelier 2

fabrication of blood / blood-missiles
silicone / wax forms
constructing artificial noses and tear sacs
making imprint of facial features (noses)

casting the imprint in various materials (silicone, foam and gelatine)

painting the artificial noses
torn off limbs
casting and construction of hands in silicone and plaster
painting the torn off limbs
constructing a beard and knotting a full beard
finishing mustaches and dressing them
attaching beard and mustache
creating artificially burned skin

creating cuts, abrasions and bullet wounds with various materials
creating artificial scars
constructing flexible foam parts
demonstration of flexible foam parts
application/use of flexible foam parts
attaching and make-up of the facial parts

construction of bald heads / use of bald patches
attaching and make-up of bald patches
attaching wigs, hair parts and toupee
analysis of script
making a calculation
contract negotiation
make-up techniques for special film and tv-recordings with the newest materials
creation of old skin
effect make-up
beauty make-up
various clowns make-up

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