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Welcome to the Make-up artist school by Klaus Börrnert

Klaus Börrnert founded his Academy in order to give higher training to talented and motivated young people who want to become a make up artist and are willing to profit from his wide knowledge and great experience as an internationally recognized make-up artist.

He decided to limit their numbers so as to be able to communicate the maximum amount of in-depth knowledge and manual skills that are necessary for the make up artist qualification.
Who is cut out to be a make-up artist? It does not matter to Klaus Boerrnert whether a trainee make-up artist comes from one of the core professions such as hair-dressing or window dressing or whether the student comes from the Academy of Fine Arts. What counts is talent and the will to succeed.

Nothing can illustrate that talent ant the high standards which Klaus Boerrnert sets for his students better than a review of the various stations of his own professional training and career.

Why to the IMC Make up Artist school?

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